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Foreign Law (Laws of Other Countries)

This guide will help users navigate the domestic laws of a foreign country. For help with treaties or international case law, please use the International Law guide

Why use a multi-state source?

The reality is that there are simply too many countries to cover in-depth.  As a result, many libraries purchase books or databases that cover a particular region or subject, rather than buy individual items. 

For example, if you are researching trademark law in Thailand, you might not have a specific treatise in English.  However, you could use:

Starting Points

The databases below cover multiple jurisdictions.  For a listing of resources by individual country, use the alphabetical country tabs above.

  • Foreign Law Guide (Brill, Marci Hoffman ed.)
    For each country there is a brief introduction to the legal system, a list of codifications, gazettes and other sources of law and then a section listing sources of law by subject.
  • Guide to Law Online: Nations (Library of Congress)
    Comprehensive research guides for individual countries.
  • GlobaLex: Foreign Law Research
    Jurisdiction- and subject-specific guides for many jurisdictions.
  • NatLaw World
    Latin American law database developed by the National Law Center for InterAmerican Free Trade.
  • Europa
    Access to official EU documents, especially recent document,s through a service called Eur-Lex.
  • Global-Regulation
    Machine-translated laws, regulations, and other legislation from over 48 countries.
  • Westlaw - Use the International Materials link for specific country resources or multi-state treatises (treatises > multi-national).
  • Lexis - Use the International tab for specific country resources.  Locate multi-state treatises under the Practice Area tab (e.g. trademark law, international law, etc.).
  • Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law - comprehensive online resource containing peer-reviewed articles on many aspects of public international law.  Arranged by topic.