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Faculty Services

Welcome to the Pardee Legal Research Center (LRC). You will be working in the region's premier legal collection and facility when you enter USD's law library. Various library services are available to facilitate your research and add to your productivity.

In-Class Legal Research Trainings

LRC law librarians are available to serve as guest lecturers on a variety of research-related topics. Presentations will be tailored to your course. Commonly-requested topics include:

  • Choosing a paper topic and preemption checking
  • Overview of subject-specific resources available at the LRC for a particular area of law
  • Refreshers on researching caselaw, statutes, etc.
  • Introduction to administrative law and research
  • Statistics, industry data, and company research
  • Evaluating sources
  • Docket research
  • Review of Bluebook citation style, note-taking, and research logs

Please contact us to request research training for your students. Recent LRC presentations in law school seminars are available on the LRC website.

Past Exams

Past exams are available. Please send any exam questions that you would like to make available to your students to Circulation at

Course Reserves

Course-related materials can be placed on print reserve at the Legal Research Center to be accessible for you students. To do contact the Reference Team. You can provide citations for your textbooks, provide us with copies of material, or simply copy and paste a link from the library catalog.

Course Management Systems


Upon request, reference librarians can provide Faculty Executive Assistants with administrator access to faculty TWEN pages on Westlaw. Contact us for assistance.

Administrator's Guide to Using TWEN (2013 is the current version)

User Guides and Video Tutorials - instructions on managing quizzes, assignments, grades and more in TWEN

TWEN Technical Assistance: 1-800-850-9378


How to set up a course using Blackboard at USD

Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

Upon request, the Pardee Legal Research Center offers training for students on academic integrity.

The LRC can also assist in locating potential sources of plagiarized text in student papers though we cannot assist in determining whether generative AI tools were used.

Note: The text-matching software Turnitin compares submitted drafts to its database of scholarly research (journal articles, student papers, and other internet sources) and returns a Similarity Report that highlights a percentage of matching text. 

Turnitin does not automatically detect plagiarism. It is up to the student or professor to interpret the meaning of the Similarity Report.  

  • For help understanding a Similarity Report, please click here.
  • To request training for your students on avoiding plagiarism, or for assistance with Turnitin, contact Melissa Abernathy.

Contact: Academic Integrity and Plagiarism