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Faculty Services at the Legal Research Center

Welcome to the Pardee Legal Research Center (LRC). You will be working in the region's premier legal collection and facility when you enter USD's law library. Various library services are available to facilitate your research and add to your productivity.

Why Publication Services?

LRC Faculty Publication Services can help with the editing tasks you would do prior to circulating or submitting your manuscript, so that you can use your time in other ways. As your USD law librarians, we are familiar with your work, making us informed readers and editors.

Publication Services projects may include:

  • Proofreading, copyediting, or substantive line editing
  • CIte-checking
  • Locating additional sources for citation support
  • Bluebooking
  • Answering law review editor queries
  • Preparing book indexes

Manuscripts need not be complete to send to Publication Services. We can work with you to develop a schedule that works with your timeline.

Please contact us to discuss your project and how we can assist.

SSRN and USD Law's institutional repository

To submit a paper to SSRN and the USD repository, please email your scholarship documents and information to the LRC's Digital Team at

According to the archiving service, "roughly 70 percent of cited links in academic legal journals suffer from link rot," meaning they no longer point to the original web page cited. Perma is a web archiving tool that allows users to create permanent links to web content. The LRC is a partner library with Perma. This means USD School of Law users can create an unlimited number of links, as long as your Perma account is affiliated with the LRC.

  • Contact Sasha Nuñez at with questions about how to use Perma and to link your account with the LRC.
  • Work with your journal editors for specifics on how your journal uses Perma and organizes links.

Click here for more detailed information on using Perma.