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Faculty Services at the Legal Research Center

Welcome to the Pardee Legal Research Center (LRC). You will be working in the region's premier legal collection and facility when you enter USD's law library. Various library services are available to facilitate your research and add to your productivity.

Frequently Used Resources at the LRC

Use the links on this page to help with: finding books at USD and other libraries, downloading and printing journal articles and cases, and assisting faculty with course management software. Please feel free to contact a reference librarian with any questions.

How to Access and Print Journal Articles

Step 1 - Search the USD library catalog http://sallypro.sandiego.eduSearch for journal title (e.g. Columbia Law Review). The catalog will indicate if we have access to the journal in print, microform, in HeinOnline, Westlaw, Lexis, or another database.

Step 2 - Download the article

Journal Databases – Most articles in these databases are PDF copies of original source. No log-in required to use these databases on-campus. Off-campus, sign in with MySanDiego ID or library barcode. JStor and Academic Search Premier are useful for non-law and multidisciplinary journals.

Google Scholar - Search by article title.  Articles may be PDF or HTML.  Search results are linked to our subscription databases. 

ILL request – If the article is not available at the LRC, please contact a reference librarian to help explore other libraries.

How to Find Books at USD

USD library catalog You can search for books by title, author, or keyword (if you are not sure of the exact title). If the LRC or Copley owns the book, the catalog will indicate its location, call number, and availability.


Books from Other Libraries

Interlibrary Loans and the San Diego Circuit – Even when a book is not available in our collection at the LRC or Copley, we can often borrow books from other libraries, in San Diego and beyond. For San Diego Circuit and interlibrary loan requests, please contact the reference desk for assistance.

Google Books – Scanned PDF pages of many books are available online via Google Books. If no longer protected by copyright, you can see all pages. If under copyright, you can search and see portions of the text.

HathiTrust – HathiTrust is a digital library made up of millions of titles from academic and research institutions. Many books are available in PDF. If no longer protected by copyright, you can see all pages. If under copyright, access is limited.

Using TWEN

Upon request, reference librarians can provide Faculty Assistants with administrator access to faculty TWEN pages. Contact us for assistance.

Administrator's Guide to Using TWEN (this 2013 is the most recent edition)

User Guides and Video Tutorials - instructions on managing quizzes, assignments, grades and more in TWEN

TWEN Technical Assistance: 1-800-850-9378

Using Blackboard

How to set up a Blackboard course at USD

  • Includes request form for new course and training tools
  • For support and on-demand training, email

Managing Materials Checked out to Faculty

checkout-cardMaterials checked out to faculty members are due at the end of each semester. The LRC Circulation department will send FAs a list of checked out materials to review with each faculty member. If the faculty member still needs any of the material, it can be renewed. Simply respond to the email noting which materials need to be renewed. Materials that are no longer needed should be returned to the LRC.