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Summer Clerks Research Guide

Strategies and research tips for working law students

Federal Rules

Practice Tip: Use deskbooks and Westlaw's KeyRules for researching federal rules.

There are multiple layers of “federal rules” to consider. Some are statutes, others are court rules.

  • FRCP – Federal Rules of Civil (or Criminal) Procedure
    • LR (Local Rules) for E.D. Cal.
    • LR for N.D. Cal.
    • LR for C.D. Cal.
    • LR for S.D. Cal.
  • Each Judges’ Procedures (see court website)
  • FRE – Federal Rules of Evidence
  • FRAP – Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure
    • Local Ninth Circuit Rules
  • Title 28, United States Code
  • Special courts – e.g., bankruptcy multiple sets of rules

Court Rules: Print Resources

Court Rules: Online Resources