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Veterans Clinic: Resources

This guide will help students locate and use resources for representing veteran clients and their families.

Investigating Parties to Actions

In order to best serve your client, you will need to check his or her background for pertinent information, such as service record, criminal record, previous addresses and credit status. Depending on the situation, you will also want to find personal and financial information about opposing parties or others involved in a lawsuit.

Social Media Background Check

Court Dockets

Use the Finding Court Documents LibGuide to research the status of lawsuits involving the parties in your case.

Public Records

Your Lexis access makes available numerous public record databases, which are only to be used for your clinic work and other academic assignments, not for personal investigation.

Click on the  icon on the upper left of the opening page.

Select LexisNexis Public Records.

Prison Records

Use the search to find out if any parties or witnesses are currently incarcerated.