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Veterans Clinic: Resources

This guide will help students locate and use resources for representing veteran clients and their families.

What are trial practice materials?

Trial practice materials guide lawyers through the phases of litigation, beginning with their interactions with clients, and proceeding through pretrial activities and documents, the trial itself, and post-trial actions, such as attorney fee awards and appeals.

These materials include checklists, form books and drafting tools. The contents of online practice materials, particularly forms, are easily adaptable for creating your own motions and other pleadings. Other items are useful as exemplars for crafting your interrogatories and arguments.

CEB OnLaw Pro

The Continuing Education of the Bar ‚Äč

CEB practice materials online; includes manipulable forms

CEB OnLaw Pro is a rich source of California practice materials. You may set up a free academic account with your USD credentials here. Practice guides include Civil Litigation Before Trial and Client Communications Manual. 


What is the Rutter Group?


Considered the classic California attorney guides, the Rutter Practice Guides are written by judges and attorneys. They offer examples based on actual cases to provide attorneys with practice pointers, strategies and tips, and they supply forms that conform to California rules and methods of practice. They cover a broad range of legal topics and procedure.

Rutter materials are available to you on Westlaw.

Logon to Westlaw, and select "Secondary Sources."

In the left frame, select:


Scroll down, and check:


Scroll to the top or bottom of the frame and click:


From the list of several dozen titles, check the titles that you wish to search. Alternately, you can click on a title, such as Alternative Dispute Resolution, and browse its table of contents for your topic.