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LGBTQ+ Legal Research

LRC DEIA Committee

LRC Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Committee Members 2021-23:

  • Melissa Abernathy (co-chair)
  • Bee Bornheimer (co-chair)
  • Derek Antler
  • Robert Lee
  • Inna Muradyan
  • Julianne Odin

Check out the Committee's Guide for more information on our activities and events.

Have an idea or suggestion for a DEIA resource guide? Contact the committee at or fill out our anonymous feedback form, all suggestions welcome!


Progress Pride FlagLGBTQ+ individuals can face legal issues related to their identity in multiple areas of law including family law, employment law, and health law, among others. This guide is intended as a introductory resource to conducting legal research on these legal issues.

LGBTQ+ Organizations and Resources at USD Law