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Black and Brown Lives Matter: Cases of Police Killings and Assaults


Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old Black boy, was fatally shot by police while playing at a park in Cleveland, Ohio on November 22, 2014, only a couple of months after Michael Brown had been killed.  The police officers believed that Rice had a real gun, but he was actually holding a replica toy gun.  The officers involved shot Rice in the abdomen almost immediately after arriving on the scene.  When Rice's 14-year-old sister ran over to him, police also tackled and handcuffed her.  This incident gained national attention and sparked a lot of outrage, especially considering Rice's extremely young age.  The county prosecutor convened a grand jury who declined to indict the officers for anything, but many criticized the behavior of the prosecutor as trying to sway the grand jury during the hearing.  In 2020, the Department of Justice also concluded their investigation and declined to pursue charges, citing the fact that they did not have enough evidence to prevail.  One of the officers involved, Timothy Loehmann, was fired in 2017 when it was uncovered that he had provided false information during his application process.

Demonstrators protesting in Cleveland after Rice was killed

Litigation/ Lawsuits

There was never any actual litigation, but the city of Cleveland paid Rice's family $6 million to settle a federal lawsuit that they filed.