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Reparations Research Guide

This guide was developed to support anyone starting to research the topic of Reparations in the United States and internationally, especially for those enrolled in Reparations (LWPP547).

Events & Opportunities at USD

More from Professor Roy L. Brooks

Roy L. Brooks is the Warren Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of San Diego. Professor Brooks was named a USD University Professor in 2005 and 2018. He teaches and writes in the areas of legal and critical theory, civil procedure, civil rights, employment discrimination, and international human rights. 

For a list of Professor Brooks' books available at USD, click here.

For an extensive list of Professor Brooks' scholarship, click here.

Books and E-books at USD

This list provides resources that cover the topic of Black Reparations in the United States, in support of Reparations (LWPP574) and those wishing to submit essays to the Symposium Issue of the San Diego Law Review.

Law Review and Scholarly Articles

Resources for International Reparations and Transitional Justice at USD

In support of the San Diego Law Review's call for submissions on Reparations and Transitional Justice, these resources address the global aspect of the topic. 

Other Online Sources