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MMIW: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

There is an unseen epidemic in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. Numerous indigenous women and girls go missing every year. It is unseen because it is unreported. It goes unreported because of systemic racism and bias.

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In the Spotlight: MMIW

Picture of an indigenous person with a great hat and a red handprint on their face.MMIW: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

The US declared May 5, 2018, as a national day of awareness in order to raise concern for the crisis, and refocus attention on issues affecting Indigenous women. 

What is the MMIW Movement (WEARENATIVE)? MMIW stands for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. It’s a movement that advocates for the end of violence against Native women. It also seeks to draw attention to the high rates of disappearances and murders of Native people, particularly women and girls.

Here is a snapshot of data for MMIW in 2018:

  • About 4 out of 5 Native women have experienced violence
  • Native women were about twice as likely than white women to experience violence
  • Native women face murder rates 10 times the national average
  • The murder rate for Native women is about 3 times more than that of white women

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