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International Law

This guide is intended to help researchers find international treaties, cases, and commentary. For foreign law (i.e. the law of other countries) please visit the Foreign Law guide..

Scholarly Writings

Article 38 of the ICJ Statutes lists the writings of international law scholars as the last source of international law.

However, these works can be very useful to a beginning researcher.  On this page, we've listed a few starting points for international law treatises and journal articles.

Searching the LRC Catalog

Search for treatises by using the LRC Catalog. Search by keyword, title, subject, or author.

If you are searching for a specific journal article, search the catalog by journal title (not the article title) using the same link above.


Journal Articles

The Legal Research Center subscribes to a variety of full-text journal databases that you can search by keyword, author, date, etc.