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Evolving Doctrine Series

The series aims to provide social and historical context to 1L doctrinal courses and to give students a better understanding of the past and present impact of legal doctrine on society, with a focus on marginalized groups.

Faculty Bio

Kali Murray, Professor of Law, Marquette University School of Law

Professor Kali Murray is a Professor of Law at Marquette University Law School. Professor Murray's research agenda is focused on the "politics of participation" in patent, property and administrative law. 

In patent law, Professor Murray is interested in how the doctrinal formation of patent law is impacted by different administrative, political, and social structures. Among her works, she has published a book, The Politics of Patent Law: Crafting the Participatory Patent Bargain, as a part of the Routledge Research Series in Intellectual Property Law in 2013.  Professor Murray's commitment to exploring these subjects has also extended to her work with the Administrative Conference of the United States on the utity of small claims court in patent law as well as submission of a series of amicus briefs addressing the role of constitutional claims under 1st and 13th Amendment to limit patents in genetic information. Her current work, Infrostructure(s), will be published in the Buffalo Law Review in Fall 2023 and will focus on how public rights in information are constructed.

In property law, Professor Murray is interested in the impact of race, ethnicity and culture on the development of property law. She is the lead co-author on Integrating Spaces: Property Law and Social Identity, will be published in Fall 2023.

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