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Corporate Law


Journals can be very helpful both in pointing you to other primary source materials, as well as providing insightful legal analysis.  There are quite a number of business/ corporate law journals, and a selection of them that are available through USD libraries is provided below.


American Business Law Journal

Australian Journal of Corporate Law

Berkeley Business Law Journal

Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial & Commercial Law

Business & Bankruptcy Law Journal

Commercial Law Journal

Corporate & Business Law Journal

Corporate Law and Practice

Delaware Journal of Corporate Law

DePaul Business Law Journal

Duquesne University Business Law Journal

Entrepreneurial Business Law Journal

Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law

Hastings Business Law Journal

Houston Business and Tax Law Journal

International Business Law Journal

International Trade and Business Law Annual

Journal of Business & Securities Law

Journal of Business and Technology Law Proxy

Journal of Comparative Business and Capital Market Law

Journal of Comparative Corporate Law and Securities Regulation

Journal of Corporate Law Studies

Journal of Law, Business & Ethics

Macquarie Journal of Business Law

Minnesota Journal of Business Law and Entrepreneurship

Northwestern Journal of International Law & Business

NYU Journal of Law & Business

Perspectives of Business Law Journal

Richmond Journal of Global Law and Business

South Carolina Journal of International Law and Business

Stanford Journal of Law, Business & Finance

Texas Journal of Business Law

The Business Law Journal

The Canadian Business Law Journal

The Rutgers Business Law Journal

UC Davis Business Law Journal

University of Miami Business Law Review

University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law

University of Puerto Rico Business Law Journal

Wake Forest Journal of Business and Intellectual Property Law