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Cannabis Law


The scales of justice with a cannabis leaf in the middleCannabis law is constantly changing.  It is therefore important to keep up with the most recent developments when researching any area of cannabis law.  There are many cannabis-related legal news sources, blogs, and advocacy/ research organizations that provide analyses of the most current updates.

News Sources/ Blogs

Some helpful news sources focused on cannabis law are listed below:

Bloomberg Law News: Cannabis

Law360 Cannabis News

NBC's Marijuana Legalization News & Stories

POLITICO's Marijuana Legalization News

US News: Marijuana

There are many blogs about cannabis law, as well.  Some helpful ones are listed below:

Cannabis Law Prof Blog

Harris Bricken's Canna Law Blog

Kight On Cannabis Blog

JUSTIA's Blawg Search provides thousands of blog results for the search term "cannabis", as well as for "marijuana".

Non-Governmental Organizations

Advocacy or academic organizations can also be a great place to look to keep up with the most current developments.  Some organizations dedicated to either research or advocacy in cannabis law reform are listed below:

California Cannabis Industry Association

Doctors for Cannabis Regulation

International Cannabis Bar Association

Marijuana Policy Project

Minority Cannabis Business Association

National Cannabis Industry Association

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws