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Education Law


A gavel and block with the word "education" printed across the block in gold letteringEven though some aspects of education law are well-established, there are still often new developments in education law, especially at the state level.  It is therefore important to keep up with the most recent developments when researching education law.  There are many education legal news sources available, as well as blogs that provide analyses of the most current updates.

News Sources/ Blogs

Some helpful news sources that are focused on education law are listed below:

ABA Journal's Education Law page

California Department of Education's Special Education Current Issues page

Education Law Center's News page

National School Boards Association's Legal Clips

The Conversation's Education Law news page

West's Education Law Reporter

There are many blogs about education law, as well.  JUSTIA has an Education Law Blawgs page that includes a list of some of the most popular education law blogs.

Advocacy Organizations